2. Blueberries

Research reveals that most cardiovascular ailments are caused by hypertension or constantly elevated blood pressure levels as they cause the arteries to become excessively stiff, thereby putting you at risk for developing cardiovascular diseases.

A study proved that individuals who consume blueberries on a daily basis cut down their risk for arterial stiffness, along with blood pressure and heart ailments. Blueberries are amazingly healthy and effective to cure patients suffering with heart ailments.

You can enjoy blueberries as a delicious snack, a fruity breakfast item, or perhaps a nice, tall glass or blueberry smoothie.

3. Garlic

One of the most powerful Indian herbs, garlic will not only spice up your meals and given them a tantalizing aroma, but also, it is wondrously remarkable for the health of your heart. Research reveals that aged garlic extracts make tremendous progress in preventing and curing heart ailments.

A recent study proved that the Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract cuts down high blood pressure levels amongst patients suffering from severe hypertension. It is a wonderful cure for patients who fail to experience effective results through prescription drugs, or those who would rather cure themselves with natural remedies.


  1. thanks I have my wife with a problem of grossly dialated left ventricular chamber size with severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction. 2: no regional wall abnormalities. 3: severe mitral regurgitation (MR jet area=10•8cm) due to annular ring dilatation

    CONCLUSION; peripartum dilated cardiomyopathy; severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction


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