5. Nature’s Flu Shot

This juice brings natural sweetness for your health and life. This juice will help in fighting against germs of the flue and off cold as the carrots are full of Vitamin A.

Garlic and onions which are added in this juice will kill the bacteria and viruses. Here is the recipe of Nature’s Flu Shot.


  • Garlic clove : 1
  • Halved, peeled orange : 1
  • Halved, large carrots : 2
  • Ground turmeric : a pinch
  • Halved, small onion : ½
  • Black pepper : a pinch
  • Cold water : ½ cup
  • Halved, parsnip : 1
  • Ice


Wash and prepare all fruits and veggies.

Put the orange, parsnip, garlic, onion and carrots in the juice and blend 2 minutes.

Mix black pepper and ground turmeric in water and pour ice as well if you like. Your juice is ready to drink, enjoy.


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