7. Rosemary

A delicious Mediterranean herb that is popular for its woodiness and sharp, razor-like leaves. Rosemary is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, and it is one of the star ingredients of countless succulent Mediterranean sauces and recipes.

This aromatic herb is also an essential ingredient in Italian sauces and seasonings.

Rosemary is a scientifically proven remedy to aid the process of detoxification and cleanses. It is also a great herb to cure flatulence, lack of appetite, and digestive ailments like indigestion.

You can eliminate the symptoms of all these ailments with 3 cups of hot rosemary leaf tea every day.

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You must also enjoy the rich flavour and scintillating aroma of rosemary in your tomato sauces, cheese recipes, chicken dishes, soups, salads, bread and protein-powered meals that include lamb, beef and seafood.

Study Reference: Chapter # 17 - Herbs and Spices in Cancer Prevention and Treatment by National Center for Biotechnology Information


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