6. Ginger

For centuries, ginger has been hailed as a powerful medicinal herb in traditional medicinal practices and ancient remedies. Today, modern medical science validates the claim that ginger does in fact hold the power to cure various chronic and mild illnesses, from nausea, and inflammation to constipation and colds.

Research reveals that the queasiness and stomach aches that tend to arise during cancer treatments, particularly chemotherapy, can be cured if one accompanies the anti-nausea medicines with ginger supplements and adds ginger in one’s daily diet.

You can use ginger in powdered form of a spice to give your everyday meals a nutritious spicy tinge, or you can use fresh ginger cloves for your soups, smoothies, teas and salads.

You must know that fresh ginger and grounded spice ginger vary in flavour, but having both is a great idea because you can use them in several recipes.

Just be sure to consume at least 1 tbsp. of freshly grated ginger, or 1/8tsp. of ground ginger spice every day for effective results.


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