5. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the best soothing herbs, and for centuries, it has remained popular for its countless medicinal and beauty benefits. It can be used to heal and prevent several chronic and mild health ailments.

It is the most effective natural remedy to resolve sleeping problems, if you can’t seem to sleep at night despite being exhausted, just fix yourself a hot cup of tea right before you go to bed.

Furthermore, chamomile can also aid the body in relieving several digestive ailments, such easing muscle contractions, relieving stomach cramps and relaxing intestinal muscles.

Research reveals that the mouth sores that tend to occur after chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be treated and prevented with the regular use of chamomile mouthwash.

You can purchase it from your local grocery store, or make your own mouthwash at home by making chamomile tea, and letting it cool before your gargle and rinse it out.

However, experts believe that it is best to consult your oncologist about the merits of chamomile in your daily diet.


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