2. Chile Peppers

Chile peppers are one of the best natural remedies for relieving pain, for they contain a powerful compound known as capsaicin. When this essential compound is topically applied to the skin, it triggers the secretion of a chemical known as substance P.

Research reveals that Chile peppers and capsaicin are highly effective at healing neuropathic pain, which is basically a sharp shock-like pain that travels through the nerve path and occurs usually after cancer surgeries.

When you apply capsaicin to your skin regularly for a long period of time, it will bring about a reduction in the secretion of substance P in that particular skin area, and thus, relieving the pain that you were feeling.

However, don’t start rubbing Chile peppers to your skin areas that are paining you, because these peppers have to be handled with extreme care and caution as they can cause skin burns if you handle them recklessly.

You must consult your doctor or oncologist before utilizing the nutrient profile of Chile peppers, and if you have pain, your doctor can also prescribe you a capsaicin cream.

Chile peppers are also considered highly beneficial for curing indigestion, and you can also use tiny quantities of cayenne to heal digestive ailments.


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