Most of the individuals prefer buying fresh veggies, especially in summer season. It is exciting to visit domestic farmer’s market whenever you need some fresh veggies. These veggies are also available in grocery store. One of the common issues faced in buying the fresh veggies is that they rapidly begin to wither and loose freshness and nutrients. You don’t need to worry if you are also facing the same issue as we are sharing here some useful tips for keeping veggies fresh longer. By using these tips, you will be able to enjoy your fresh veggies for a longer period of time. The tips for keeping veggies fresh longer are given below.

1. Keep Onions and Potatoes in Cool, Dark Place

Ensure that you place your onions and potatoes in dark and cool place rather than in refrigerator. You can easily find such place in pantry or kitchen. Don’t wash these veggies prior to storing them. Always wash them when you want to use them.

2. Keep Other Root Veggies in Refrigerator

Garlic, onions and potatoes should not be placed in refrigerator. The other root veggies like carrots, turnips, and beets should be put in pricked plastic bags and then store them in refrigerator. Do cut off leafy, green tops as they draw out moisture from root. It is advisable to keep the veggies moisturized; therefore pricked bags are helpful in allowing air flow without losing much moisture.

3. Pick Out Spoiled Pieces in Lettuce Containers

You might have heard that a decayed apple can ruin entire barrel. The same principle is also applicable to leafy greens. Pre-washed greens are also available in containers at any grocery store. If you buy such container, then immediately open it for identifying slimy, bruised or damaged pieces. After that, remove them from container. If you do not remove these spoiled pieces, then these may also spoil the remaining lettuce.

4. Do Not Store Corn

Corn shouldn’t be stored or kept whole night in your home. Always use corn on same day when it is bought. In this way, you can get maximum freshness. Corn will be spoiled within few days if you try to store it. Thus, buy your corn from farmer’s market rather than from grocery store as the farmers have most likely picked corn on the same morning.

5. Clean Every Mushroom Individually

Mushrooms are generally available in cartons. After purchasing them from market, put them out from cartons and individually clean every mushroom by using a wet paper towel. For mushrooms, crisper is very cold therefore put them in paper bag. Then place them in refrigerator.

6. Never Store Tomatoes in Refrigerator

Storing the tomatoes in refrigerator will make them mushy and they will promptly loose flavor. For maintaining the freshness and flavor of tomatoes, place them on counter. It is advisable to place tomatoes in paper bags for quickly ripening them.

This article lists the best ways to keep your vegetables fresh longer in the fridge.
Credit: MedMD

These 6 tips are considered to be best for keeping veggies fresh longer. Use these tips for getting fresh veggies every time rather than using the wilt ones.



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