Are you suffering from swear toothache pain? You might have consulted several dentists but for time being you get free from this pain and then it starts again. Pain in your toothache usually occurs because of cracked tooth, cavities, exposed root tooth, gum disease, joint disorder of jaws and loose filling.

Want to get complete solution of getting relieve of this pain? If yes then I am here to share some of the best and top home remedies that really help in getting relief from toothache pain.

You don’t worry about this pain as we will discuss here some home remedies of toothache pain.

6 Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

1. Use of Garlic

The use of garlic can make immense respite from pain in toothache. The garlic has properties of antibiotic that is useful in reducing pain from your tooth.

For using garlic, first you have to crush a garlic powder or clove by adding some black salt or table salt. Mix it well and apply this paste on effected tooth in which you have pain.

You can also use garlic for chewing from the affected tooth for getting quick relief. You have to repeat this homemade treatment for 15 days.



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