Taking a look at your poop can be disgusting, but if you manage to get past the disgust and actually examine your stool, it can tell you a great deal about your health.

The shape of your stool and its colour can tell you whether or not your body is receiving the right amount of nutrients or if you’ve contracted an allergy that has upset your digestive system. Truth be told, the majority of people don’t even find time to poop properly, and that causes a severe strain on their digestive strains.

6 Ways To Have The Healthiest Poop

In order to ensure the health of your digestive system, it is essential that you poop the right way. We have compiled all the necessary tips that you need to follow in order to have a healthy poop. Here, take a look.

1. Nail the right posture

The position and shape of the modern-toilets actually cause countless digestive problems, such as constipation and hemorrhoids because they force us to assume an awkward posture at an odd angle. Research reveals that around 63 million Americans are agonized by constipation, which has led to spending over $700 on laxative products alone.

The only thing you really need to invest in is a squatty potting. When you’ll place your foot on the stool placed in front of your toiled, your body will adopt the natural, cavemen-style squatting position without causing any strain to your knees. It will help straighten your colon and the stool will come out like water from a pipe hose. Literally!

2. A healthy digestive system

Modern diet that largely consists of processed foods, chemicals and lots of trans fats, tends to harm the digestive system rather than nourish the body and energize you. These foods are also closely linked with ailments such as depression and obesity. Since the bacteria in your digestive system metabolizes toxins and metals, a wholesome diet is important to cleanse away your digestive system on a daily basis. And if you’re experiencing stool that has an unusually unpleasant odour, you have most likely accumulated a great deal of toxins that have turned your digestive system unhealthy.

It is ideal to consume foods that are naturally fermented and rich in probiotics to promote the health and metabolism of your digestive system. Foods that are naturally fermented and adequate hydration is essential to the health of your digestive tracts. Put a hold on those spicy Mexican dishes you’ve feasting on nearly every day, and cultured meals like kefir and kimchi to your diet. And before you know it, the foul smell that comes from your stool will be gone forever.


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