4. A Lack of Appetite

Losing your appetite and the urge to eat is one of the most common signs of cancer, and it exhibits itself in full force in a case of bladder cancer. You see, once the cancer begins to spread over your body, you find yourself engulfed with bouts of fatigue and weakness.

The body undergoes dramatic weight loss and you feel as if all your energy has been sucked out of your body. However, let’s not assume the worst case scenario, perhaps there’s something else going on in your body that could be disrupting your body, only a doctor can really tell. So if this symptom persists, don’t waste any time in talking it out with your doctor.

5. Chain Smoking

Even though this isn’t a symptom of the disease, but research reveals that nearly 50% women patients affected by bladder cancer turned out to be chain smokers.

You see, smoking is one of the greatest factors that increase your risk for developing bladder cancer. And if you’ve been experiencing all the above mentioned, and you’ve been smoking for several years, you have good reason to get alarmed and book yourself an appointment with your doctor at your earliest convenience.

Bladder cancer is less easier to spot because in most cases, its symptoms are confused as normal spotting, or a bad case of the urinary tract infection, and therefore, women fail to spot this life-threatening disease until it has worsened and spread all over the body.

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms that alone is reason enough to go see and doctor and get the required medical examinations performed. It could be a minor urinary infection, but if it’s bladder cancer, it’s best if you spot it in its earliest stage because that makes it easier to treat.


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