2. Symptoms that Resemble the Urinary Tract Infection

In most cases, bladder cancer gets mistaken as a urinary tract infection and that’s primarily because most of their symptoms tend to overlap. Patients suffering with this disease tend to feel a severe urgency to urinate, and the frequency of urination also tends to increase. Furthermore, patients experience immense pain while urinating, along with severe urinary incontinence.

If you’ve been spotting difficulties while peeing, and you feel like you’ve been spending a great deal of time in the bathroom, primarily cases where you want to pee but can’t seem because you’re just finding it hard to empty your bladder of all the water that is ready to burst, you have something to worry about.

If you’ve been taking antibiotics to reduce the symptoms of UTI and the symptoms still persist, chances are you have developed bladder cancer, and you must check with your doctor to find out.

3. Unexplained pain

Advanced cases of bladder cancer are marked with unbelievable amount of agonizing pain, and this pain can emerge in the pelvic region, the abdomen or the flank region.

Patients can also complain of pain surging through their bones, and this is an indication that the cancer is now making its way towards your bones. If you’ve also experienced the above mentioned symptoms along with some UTI symptoms and these excruciating pains, consult with your doctor ASAP.


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