The symptoms of type 2 diabetic cases always tend to be very subtle and hidden. Signs like insatiable thirst, recurrent trips to the washroom, feeling numbness in your feet and hands, are a very obvious indication that your blood sugar levels have been disrupted. Blood sugar levels have everything to do with developing diabetes, and they have always been ruled out as a common cause of the disease.

While symptoms of diabetes can be slow, the after-effects of an abnormally high blood sugar work very fast to disrupt the proper functioning of your body. And they are always seen as a cause that eventually leads to developing diabetes.

Here are 5 extremely surprising symptoms that you experience on the onset of diabetes to help you nip the disease in the bud!

1. Your skin begins to fall apart

The skin on the back of your neck, your knuckles and elbows start to take a velvety texture and becomes darker in colour, and this is quite possibly the earliest indication of being diabetic and having high blood sugar levels.

Acanthosis nigricans is a skin disease that often occurs due to hormonal imbalances or genetic disorders, but it also has a great deal to do with your blood sugar levels. Higher levels of insulin in your body leads to greater growth in skin cells and a skin darkening pigment present in these cells, called melanin. If you conduct a medical examination, the results are more likely to show abnormally high levels of blood sugar and suggesting diabetes as an eventual consequence.

The best way is to start trying to shed at least 10 pounds because it will work to drive down your blood sugar levels and regulate them. If the situation of your skin has worsened, you can consult a dermatologist for a tropical retina A or a laser treatment.


    • The article tells you the remedy. Loss weight. Your body must go into ketosis. Steady loss of weight. One kg per week for two weeks then one kg per month until BMI is below 25.


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