2. Infertility Issues

The probability of a woman conceiving during each month is nearly 20 percent but with endometriosis this drop to 10 percent. Basically, in the female reproductive system eggs are created in the ovaries from here they are sent to the fallopian tubes and this is where fertilization with sperms occur.

Now if the women are suffering from endometriosis, abrasions can occur on the fallopian tubes and this naturally makes fertilization difficult and leads to issues in conceiving. Even without these abrasions, the chances of conceiving are reduced in women dealing with the condition.

The theory put forward is that it creates hostility for the female sex hormone which is progesterone. This hormone is created after the ovulation cycle and prepares the wall of the uterus. When this isn’t produced the embryo is not implanted properly.

3. Upper Body Aches or Pain in Breathing

If a woman experiences pain while moving their upper body during their monthly cycle they could be suffering from this condition. What is baffling about endometriosis is that the tissue isn’t restricted to the area around the uterus including the abdomen but it can easily travel to the upper body including the diaphragm and even limbs.

So if a woman gets an abrasion from the endometrial tissue in diaphragm she can face extreme pain during normal inhaling and exhaling. Similarly, abrasions in the arms cause pain in moving the upper body.



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