What is the reason for doing exercise? Are we doing it in a right way? What are your post-exercise activities? These are some confusing questions we all holds while doing exercises and after exercising. Are you the one, who do much of exercise and come home and sit on the couch and doing nothing for a long time? Or you just took the shower and go ahead for work? If these are the one of the activities, which you been doing after exercise then yes you are making one out of the huge post workout recovery mistakes.

If you are really working hard to maintain your shape and fitness and still, you are not achieving much out of it. So here some of the quickest and easy post-workout rituals that will help you out:

1. Eating a lot after Workout

It’s a big misunderstanding among most of us that we did exercise, and now we can eat anything we want to, and we will remain slim and smart. So yes, you are really on a wrong side, even after the workout we should maintain an essential food list which will still keep us slim and smart. Experts moreover recommend that we must be a solid highly reasonable fiber combo of some essential mixture carbohydrates and protein which will balance our diet pattern. In this way, we will able to attain so of essential product for our body and recover only the key part. But most of us do it in a wrong way and believe that yes we did exercise and now we can every food we like to. If you are really planning on losing the weight in a true sense then you need to completely understand this fact that a single meal after a workout can undo all the burning of calories you had during gym. So weight lose and fit body is your goal then you must keep in mind certain essential point which is to take a balanced diet after a workout instead of overeating food.

2. Stretching after Workout

One of the most useful things you need to do stretching after each workout. This is one of the wisest tips to do after each workout. In this way, your muscles are warm and ease to move all around. But we all do one of the biggest mistakes that we must keep stretching part after the workout, instead we run to wet up all. While stretching part after exercise is considered the most essential because it helps to maintain joints, muscles in better posture and prevent any injury. It will also contribute to increasing and improve your sleep and reduce the amount of stress you are suffering.

3. Say No to Rest after Workout

It is observed to be one of the most occurring workouts after recovery mistake, which is that we just rushed to bed or couch all after a long workout which is an entirely a wrong thing. It is true that you need time to rebuild all your energy, and you need to give time to your muscles to relax and ease. But with all this thing you need to be active all the time. For it you need to keep yourself all the time in movement even after the workout. It will help to continue your more amount of calories. If you are planning on losing weight, you tend to burn number of calories by NEAT (non-exercise activities). But a number of calories burning process depend on upon person to person, moreover the movement of the person. It is calculated that you remain in motion the number of calories leads to burn hundred and so on. So, for it you need to be in motion instead of going to bed and sleep which is totally a wrong idea.

4. Write about your Gym Session

Writing down is one of the best ways of expressing the stuff, writing down about your feelings will help you to stick on your gym session. It will make you feel more fresh about your workout session. For this purpose, you can keep a small journal on which you can write down about your daily progressive measure of your weight plus you can also write about your training session. So it is a quite a good thing to do each and after the workout. It will help you to attain more and more of your weight losing goals.

You can add some questions in journal which will make you remember what to add in it or not, Like:

  1. How long was your workout session?
  2. How did you feel about your session in early days?
  3. Do you felt any new changes in yourself regarding weight losing?
  4. What are your feelings after completing your workout session?
  5. Which was your best part of workout session?

You must carry your journal in your handbag, or you can keep it in your gym locker.So, you find no excuse for writing it.

5. Don’t Eat and Drink much

Direct after your workout, don’t start eating and drinking a lot, in this way your stomach will be filled so quickly and you will feel tired and sleep. It is not considered a good point to rest after workouts.

You must be focus and determine about attain good shape and health. So, it’s not only of doing workouts it is also about the activities you perform after the workout. So, you totally need to be careful about each and every step regarding workout sessions.


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