Nowadays constipation is a common problem among both men and women. This problem can lead towards serious illness if care is not taken. Balanced and proper diet plays a significant role in keeping you away from constipation. Complete digestion of food is necessary to get rid of this digestive problem.

Research studies have shown that fiber is effective for digestion. For proper digestion, all the males must intake 38 grams fiber in whole day whereas the females must intake 25 grams fiber in a day. Some drinks and food are found to be the best for digestion and will also provide adequate fiber to your body. I have sorted out 5 best drinks and foods that will help digestion problems.

5 Foods and Drinks That Help Digestive System

1. Coffee

Most of the people drink coffee for fueling their brain in morning. These people are not aware with the benefits of coffee related with digestive system. Research studies have indicated that caffeine found in coffee can work best as laxative. Muscles of large intestines need contractions for your poop that can be made possible by drinking coffee. However you need to be very careful with its consumption because excess coffee can cause diarrhea. Maximum 2-3 cups of coffee are sufficient in a day.


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