There are countless ailments, such as heart attacks, heart strokes, blood sugar rush and hypertension, which terrify and scare us beyond belief for they attack without giving us any kind of warning.

You see, when our blood vessels, which are connected to key organs like the brain, lungs, heart or kidneys, get blocked by blood clots or burst open, all our brain and body cells get deprived of oxygen and essential nutrients. And these blood clots emerge due to none other cause than unhealthy food choices.

Statistics reveal that nearly 700,000 people get diagnosed with the risk of heart strokes every single year, and this risk factor is rapidly on the rise, and it now hold the title of America’s third most deadliest disease.

Here are five unhealthy food choices that massively contribute to the risk factors of heart strokes:

1. Diet Soda

We all believe that the first ritual of starting a weight loss diet is to replace all the countless sugar-filled drinks with diet soda, right? It may seem a healthy option, but according to nutritionists and researchers, it is actually one of the greater contributors to increased risk factors of heart strokes.

Why is it Unhealthy?

A study that examined the lifestyle and diets of around 2500 individuals revealed that those who drank a diet soda every day increased their risk for developing a heart stroke by a whopping 48%. Furthermore, it also revealed that those who drank diet sodas every day had a 60% greater rate of having more strokes, coronary artery diseases and heart attacks as opposed to those who didn’t consume diet soda at all.

Researchers haven’t yet been able to pin point the exact cause that tells us how diet soda contributes to the risk factors of heart strokes, but both, medical experts and nutritionists recommend us to avoid them.

How can you fix it?

It’s always best to quench all your soda cravings with natural beverages, like water, fresh smoothies, vegetable juices, fruit juices, iced tea, mint margaritas, lemonade or coconut milk perhaps.


    • You are such an ass kisser Aaron. PETA must love ass kissers like you. Does all that cock you suck contain red meat?? Think about it.

  1. Es un extraordinario artículo, extremadamente verdadero, nosotros no consumimos carne de ningún tipo, solo vegetales y frutas, nada de coca cola, ningún tipo de sodas, consumimos agua de botellón, tan bien amargo serrano a base de hierbas con agua, gracias a Dios nos mantenemos super sanos. Todos los animales están enfermos con tumores y algo mas, los faenan y nosotros nos los comemos, todos nosotros debemos velar por nosotros mismos. Gracias desde ARGENTINA

  2. I am very much interested in eating red meat now by reading this article I am shocked it’s time to reduce red meat intake thank you for posting this article…

  3. The idea that red meat can kill you is a lot of BS. Throughout the course of man’s evolution the one constant has been meat consumption. In fact humans were taller and our brains were bigger until we introduced agriculture. This article is a load of rubbish.

  4. Red meats are high in proteins that actually keep rbc up and other meats too keep blood thinner. Good in moderate amounts. Otherwise take blood at drs appt and eat any meat with sides of low fat and see for self. Blood is not thick and is thinner

  5. You mentioned brain and heart . But the article is all about heart. There is no mention of effect on brain.

  6. The title of the article was ‘5 foods that can trigger a stroke’… You then went on to discuss diet soda…. What happened to the other four ?

  7. C’mon. Diet soda? Was it taken into account that many people who drink diet sodas are overweight and don’t eat healthy? And the suggestion to replace with drinking beverages high in sugar such as fruit juices, smoothies and lemonade?

  8. Be it red meat , veg or other,For me food is for thought and health. Eat food with urge and taste.squeeze and Splash fresh lemon juice on fried foods sprinkle pepper . Have it with chopped onions ,mint ,coriander leaves. Grilled food is super . No need oil because the meat is having own oil . Exercise often and keep mind spiritually active.

  9. ok having blood clotts in my lungs any soda diet, or not can thicken your blood from my experience !
    the only way i was able to get rid of them clotts was drinking water and ,mostley only water I really didnt feel lung pain that was connected to what I ate . at least none that I noticed .

  10. Would like to be able to read the whole of this post but for me only item one has come through on this. Could you tell me what are the four other items are mentioned.

    THANKS 🙂


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