4. Influenza and pneumonia

Flu or influenza is a group of viruses that affects the respiratory organs and disturbs breathing and respiratory organs to work properly. Flu can make you feel so sick, and will land you to the bed with shivers and chills for few days. We often don’t care about the flu as it is considered as one of the most common disease but catching flu may lead to severe problems. According to CDC, a normal flue can lead to heart to kidney problems in one run and this common disease can turn deadly.

Flu also causes a lung infection known as pneumonia that may leads to death, especially if you have weak immune system or any other health problem. Getting an annual flu shot is important to get away with flu or pneumonia. According to the experts’, people who often suffers from flu are at higher risk of pneumonia and it is absolutely important for them to not to take the disease easy. They should head to the doctor and get flu shots, and one-time pneumonia vaccination to prevent against the infection.

5. Septicemia (sepsis)

Septicemia is a blood infection that only affects people who are already fighting with any other disease or are already sick. According to the blood health departments, septicaemia starts the infection in other parts of the body like lungs, kidneys, skin, and in urinary tract. The infection travels through the blood flow and affects as many organs as it can. This causes the immune system to be weakened, making blood clots in the bloodstream that blocks the flow, and even causes organ failure at times.

Septicemia can affect anyone, but especially those people who have some untreated infection in their body and people with weak immune system are at more risk. You cannot do anything to prevent this to happen but you can and you should take the symptoms seriously. The symptoms may include:

  • Rapid or quick breathing
  • Chills
  • High fever
  • Increased heartbeat

These are the deadly signs that should be taken seriously. Though these symptoms often occur with flu and chills and this make it hard to be recognized as something different. This is one of the reason that septicaemia cannot be diagnosed at early stages.

Middle age or old people who feels these symptoms shouldn’t ignore any of it at any cost because they might have weak immunity due to their age and this can make them feel very sick and very quickly. On the other hand, people who knows that they have lower immune system should head to the hospital to get themselves checked regularly, because health is not something to be ignored about.


  1. Excellent article, for both the average educated to those of us with a medical background. Well done. In peace and blessings,
    David the. Uniter



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