Cancer and heart diseases are considered as one of the deadliest diseases that can cause death in middle aged women. These two diseases can affect 30% to 55% of the women, also depend on their age. But there are some other diseases, other than cardiovascular diseases, which can cause adverse effects to the health. Those common diseases are known as deadly diseases because they may end you up with death but you may not consider them as important.

Have a look at the list and their risk factors that may aid you in order to protect yourself.

1. Chronic lower respiratory disease

Chronic lower respiratory disease is also known as COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is a wider term used for many chronic lung diseases that may include bronchitis, emphysema. According to the CDC stats show, about 5% American adults are suffering from one of the lung diseases due to any reason.

Lungs are crosshairs organs, so the biggest factor of lung diseases is smoking that leads to COPD. People who work in construction sites, demolition, or other sites that includes some building trades, have higher risks of getting COPD. According to the experts, quitting smoking leads to good health at any age.

COPD symptoms include breath shortness but this is relatively slow progress disease so you may not feel the symptoms right away. It may take time to observe the changes in breathing and sudden short breathing. This is one of the reason that you may not know the disease at early stages as they take time in diagnosing. If you ever feel difficulty in breathing, make sure you head to your doctor before it gets serious.


  1. Excellent article, for both the average educated to those of us with a medical background. Well done. In peace and blessings,
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