Recovery from cancer can never be fully guaranteed, but medical experts and researchers have met great success at uprooting and healing certain kinds of cancer as opposed to others. Treatments and cures have been streamlined, and there have a great number of cured cancer patients over the year.

However, the success rates have not yet reached the mark where medical experts can use the word ‘cure’ for a disease as unpredictable and speedy as cancer. One can never be sure if this disease is gone for good because even after months of successful treatments, it can sprout out in the most unexpected and unpredictable of ways.

Therefore, medical experts always use the word ‘remission’, which basically means that although the condition has been treated, there’s always a chance of its return.

How long has cancer research been going on
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Statistics reveal that a cancer patient who has been able to remain free of cancer for a period of 5 years or more, has a greater chance of really beating the disease and getting rid of it for good. However, it is crucial to understand that once an individual has been attacked by cancer, the disease can return even after prolonged periods of remaining cancer-free.

Let’s take a look at five cancers that have greater chances of recovery:

1. Breast Cancer

Recent statistics reveal that nearly 100% of the patients diagnosed with breast cancer live up to 5 years after their diagnosis of early stages 0 and 1. The chances of recovery are higher since medical science has discovered several innovative treatments to diagnose and treat breast cancer in its earliest stages. Medical experts have developed a better understanding of the disease and its complexities, along with streamlining the diagnosis and treatment. Today, medical experts are aware that isn’t one, but actually several types of breast cancers, and medical researchers have invented several medications to cure these specific types.

Curing breast cancer is easiest during the early stages when the cancer hasn’t spread towards nearby organs. There are certain forms of this cancer that have a higher recovery rate as opposed to other, for instance, estrogen receptor positive is a kind of breast cancer that can be cured with drugs that reduce estrogen levels in the body. While breast cancers that are triple negative are very hard to treat because they tend to be fiercer in nature.

Medical experts recommend regular screening sessions as research has revealed that constantly monitoring the disease through mammograms can increase the survival rate. Several doctors advise all 45-year olds with a normal risk for breast cancer to perform screening tests after every few months.


  1. Recently I had witness someone who recovered from this sickness. I take a long battle & positive mindset to achieve happiness in this trying times.
    This person also takes nutrition, that help him to recover from stage 3 cancer.
    Do not give up hope.

  2. My mom has breast cancer and she had surgery five days ago. It was (T3) (N2) and (M1),the Dr removed all parts of her breast, I want to ask if her cancer is so bad or no.
    Could you send your answer by email?

  3. (●__●) what kind of picture am I looking at……. Wtf, I know the stages of that but……. Uuuhhh…… The pictures tho…….. Like….. Me: (◎_◎;) 0_0 !!!


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