4. Olive Oil

Well, for me this list of magic fruits and vegetables is far from ending. Olive is one such element too. Apart from being a really tasty addition to your dishes it has the healthiest forms of oils in it.

According to studies, it contains about 745 of monounsaturated oils in it. If you are using extra virgin oil, it is even better. It comes with lots of vitamin E and others as well in it making it even better for the heart compared to the other oils. Keeping it off the flame retains its health factor.

Drizzle it on a dish or try it in a salad dressing. It will taste good as well as protect your heart.

Olive Oil For High Blood Pressure
Credit Image: HEALTHLINE

5. Sunflower Oil

These beautiful yellow sun flowers apart from adding beauty to the nature provide us with an oil that has the greatest amounts of vitamin E in it.

It plays pivotal role in regularizing the BP and also improves hormones levels. In every table spoon, it has 5.6mg of Vitamin E in it.

You make sure that you get a 15 mg of Vitamin E in your diet every day to make it balance.

Sunflower Oil For High Blood Pressure
Credit Image: HEALTHLINE


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