4. Oxygen facials and charcoal treatment are the best options

Charcoal has over the years manifested several good effects for the skin. Also, the oxygen masks available in the market are too good for the detoxification of skin and hair.

Get benefited from the beneficial effects of either of the two blessings of nature.  They will essentially detoxify the skin and hydrate it and make it look younger.

The pollution causes a lot of dullness and brings oil on your skin. For that you need to be careful in two ways. Primarily, eat well. Eat lots of vegetable and fruits.

Plus, regularly cleanse and tone your skin with the various natural options available. Once you will find out your suitable most products, you are going to get your favorite plum skin and buoyant hair.

Oxygen Facials and Charcoal Treatment are the best options
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5. Regular exfoliation and scrubbing

Consistency always pays off. If you are using a good natural exfoliater or cleanser every day you will see significant results after some time.

But if you are doing it after weeks it is next to not doing at all. Therefore make sure you regularly hydrate and detoxify yourself.

Regular Exfoliation and Scrubbing
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