2. Detoxify the skin and hair

Aging occurs mostly because of the oxidation of the skin cells. Therefore to reverse the effect you need to use products that are antioxidant in nature. They hydrate your hair and skin and return them back to their normal health.

A good antioxidant treatment that you could get is through a hydrating spa. For it, a Moroccan spa is an always go to option. This spa is designed such that it is filled with antioxidant oil treatments such as the argan oil and oils that are rich in vitamin E. They improve the hair heath and repair the damaged areas from the follicles till the tips of the hair.

Detoxify the Skin and Hair
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3. Get yourself an anti-pollution spray

If you are too much engrossed in your life and you have not got time to visit a parlor for a cleansing session, all you need to do is grab an anti pollution spray the next time you visit a grocery shop.

Use a good quality sunscreen with the suitable SPF. They form a protective layer and prevent the skin from damage when you are out exposed directly to the sunlight. Aloe vera gels can also be used for this purpose in both hair and on skin.

The water we are using nowadays is largely polluted. Combined with the chemicals they are wreaking havoc to the hair and skin and leave them dry and dead. They interfere with the cuticle of the skin. For hair they lead to early onset of balding and graying of hair.

Therefore, use natural oils for moisturizing for they will not have any side effects like your chemical formulated cleanser.

Get yourself an anti pollution spray
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