2. Salmon

This fatty fish is your richest source for obtaining a powerful dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Research reveals that obtaining omega-3 fatty acids through fatty fish and supplements causes certain essential bodily reactions that bring about a reduction in joint inflammation, which makes this nutrient extremely essential for those suffering with arthritis.

A recent study revealed that individuals who take a daily intake of fish-oil supplements no longer require NSAID drugs, for instance ibuprofen. You can obtain plenty of healthy canned varieties to obtain your omega-3s, but remember, fresh fatty fish is your healthiest and richest source.

3. Oranges

A study examined the effects of orange-peel extracts on a sample consisting of patients suffering from the osteoarthritic knee pain. The patients were given a daily intake of orange-peel extract for a period of eight weeks, and the results revealed a marked reduction in symptoms such as knee pain. Furthermore, these patients had significantly reduced levels of certain inflammatory compounds as compared to a placebo group.

The researchers explained that these effects took place due to the presence of a certain kind of bioflavonoid present within citrus, known as nobiletin. Therefore, it is essential to leave the white fuzzy layer when peeling an orange, this layer is called the albedo layer. If you want to fill up your body with a powerful dose of bioflavonoids, be sure to throw in an entire orange, with its peel intact, in your smoothies and juices.


  1. I think more the older people are prone to this problem after spending lot of money they don’t get results people dont have money because this are not able to work..so that the older generation gets media knowledge about this is for betterment of our country..


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