26. Avocadoes

Sugar, per ¼ fruit: 0.33 g
Fiber, per ¼ fruit: 3.5 g

This is one the best plant for reducing abdominal fat. It nearly has almost 20 minerals and vitamins in every single serving.

You can use this fruit with eggs or you can make avocado toast as well.


Cereals are regarded as one of the best diet meal for weight loss. If you want to lose weight then adding cereal in your breakfast would be a perfect choice. It’s been a popular breakfast food among many big countries of the world including USA. Let’s discuss some of the cereals for breakfast here:

27. K-LOG Special K red Berries

Fiber per cup: 3 g
Protein per cup: 2 g
Sugar per cup: 9 g

This cereal has wheat bran according to the fiber count which is really good for weight loss plus the good part about this cereal is the freeze-dried strawberries which makes it taste really good.

28. Pacific Foods Organic Lightly Sweetened Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Fiber per cup: 3 g
Protein per cup: 5 g
Sugar per cup: 6 g

This Steel-Cut Oatmeal is rich in fiber as compared to all the other oatmeal. You can easily spend around five to six hours after having it and you will not be hungry because it has low glycemic index. One of the quality of this cereal is its packing, it comes in a very convenient box. It is ready to eat you just need to add it in a bowl and enjoy your meal as there is no need to add water in it.

29. EreWhon Crispy Brown Rice

Fiber per cup: 1 g
Protein per cup: 2 g
Sugar per cup: 1 g

This EreWhon Crispy Brown Rice is a low sugar cereal which has a nutty flavor and you can have it with strawberries and raspberries. If you have it with these fruits then your stomach will remain full until your lunch and hunger will not strike in a few hours after breakfast.

30. Kashi Golean Crunch

Fiber per cup: 10.6
Protein per cup: 12 g
Sugar per cup: 17 g

You can eat this cereal with milk or any of your favorite Greek yogurt. Its taste is delicious. Once you had it in your breakfast your whole day will be great. It is full of proteins and fiber.


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