21. Bell Peppers

Sugar, per ½ cup: 1 g
Fiber, per ½ cup: 0.8

Bell peppers are available in so many colors. They do not make your dish colorful in fact it add more taste to it. So you got another sideline option with eggs for your breakfast.

Bell peppers are enriched in Vitamin C which helps in burning fat and converts the carbs into fuel.

22. Jalapenos

Sugar, per pepper: 0.6 g
Fiber, per pepper: 0.4 g

Spicy food helps in reviving your metabolism. So, sometime one should try to spice up the breakfast meal by adding jalapenos in eggs or avocado toast.

23. Brocolli

Sugar, per ½ cup: Fiber, per ½ cup: 1 g

To start your day with fresh vegetables is a great choice for your health. You can have broccoli with any egg dish, in your sandwich or smoothies. It will keep you energized for long morning hours.

24. Watermelon

Sugar, per ½ cup: 5 g
Fiber, per ½ cup: 5 g

Watermelon increases your sugar level but at the same time, it has some extraordinary benefits for your health. It is really good for the ones who wants six packs as it reduces the muscles sickness too.

25. Spinach

Sugar, per ½ cup: Fiber, per ½ cup: 2 g

A vegetable which is full of fibers helps you in reducing the risk of heart diseases and is low in calories as well.


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