3. Green Tea

Green Tea is the most effective as well as the important drink for weight loss purposes, the best part about green tea is that it works for everyone in the world. You will witness people drinking green tea in every part of the world.

One of the reason for its popularity besides its effectiveness is that it is a very cheap and common drink one can have for burning fat and calories. You can get green tea from every big and small grocery store available near your house.

4. Spa Water

You can also have some delicious yet healthy spa water. You can select any fruit of your choice and have a detox water drink. Some of the fruits like grapefruit, watermelon, lemon, and cucumber have detoxifying properties. You can have the detox drinks not only in breakfast but the whole day. These drinks are essential for weight loss.


Proteins are very important for your body; to complete the requirements of your body. Here we will discuss some of the foods who are full of proteins and also help in weight loss at the same time.

5. Almond Butter

Almond Butter is another good choice for a healthy breakfast. It is not only full of nutrients but also helps in the muscle growth. Many of the nutritionists have suggested to include nuts in your diet, as they are very helpful in weight loss and provides you energy.


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