According to a new research from Cornell University, it has been proven that having breakfast in the morning can help you stay slim and healthy. It has been surveyed that almost 96 percent of slim people never had to face any sort of the struggle because of their weight and the reason behind this is those all use to have breakfast almost every day.

It’s not only about having breakfast in the morning makes you slender and slim, In fact, a healthy breakfast can do it easily. The majority of the people who are surveyed, claimed that they use to have healthy food in their morning meal. Almost fifty-one percent of people take fruits in their breakfast, forty-one percent of people use to have dairy products, whereas other things which are really common in breakfast are cold cereal, eggs, bread, hot cereal, and juices. One of the strange thing which has been noticed in this survey is only 26 percent of the slender people use to have a cup of coffee in their morning meal.

things to eat in the morning to lose weight
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So, here we will help you out in burning your belly fat and got slim and smart just by starting your day with a healthy, fresh meal. This article will tell you about the healthy and nutritious food which you should include in your diet and have a wonderful and energetic start of your day.

Here, we will share many of the weight-loss breakfast foods which can help you getting a slim and smart body. These foods will burn your body fat in a very quick and easy way. By having these meals, you will easily lose almost 4 inches of body fat.


Drinks are the most important part of your breakfast. It wakes you and makes you feel fresh and happy in the morning after a night sleep plus it also necessary for your hydration as you wake up dehydrated in the morning. So you should pick the right choice of drink to start your day.

1. Coffee

The majority of the people think that if they do not have coffee in the morning. They will not be able to wake up. So if you badly need a morning buzz then you can go for some nonfat and unsweetened cold coffee, you can add any sort of flavor which you like. This cold coffee will accomplish both of your needs, it will act as a morning fuzz as well as it will save more than 400 calories.

2. Vegan Protein Shake

Skinny and slim people use to take much protein shakes in their diet. Protein Shake is considered as their favorite drink because it helps in weight maintenance as well as good for health and skin too. These protein drinks are full of proteins and nutrients. Vegan Protein shakes play an important role in your weight loss process.


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