It’s perfectly alright to satisfy your dessert cravings every now and then, but the smarter way is to be cautious about your ingredients, eliminate the bad fats and keep your desserts healthy. All it takes is a nice and crunchy topping of nuts, some dark chocolate and fresh fruits to make your deserts even more scrumptious and decadent.

Here, take a look at some insanely healthy tricks to make your desserts healthier and tastier:

1. Put your health first!

Fruits, dark chocolate and nuts are all extremely healthy ingredients to make your desserts safer and nutrient-rich, however, instead of using them as toppings, base your entire recipe on these ingredients. For instance, you can make a dark chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries or raspberries.

You can use walnuts and almonds in your crust, fill up a pancake with sugar-free strawberry sauce, or make sugar-free ice-cream with fresh fruits.

Keep ingredients like sugar, flour and other preservatives with added-sugar as low as you can.


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