Most digestive ailments, including gas, a slow metabolism, constipation and bloating, are caused by an unhealthy liver. Because the health of your liver is extremely important for the health and optimum functioning of your digestive system.

Your liver is responsible for regulating and controlling your blood sugar levels, but once your liver becomes ill, your blood sugar levels go haywire and this increases your pangs for sugar, along with clouding your thought process, and engulfing your with tiredness.

Toxic liver allergies cause several inflammatory ailments, including arthritis, autoimmune illnesses, diabetes and hypertension. An unhealthy liver also increases your risk for hormonal imbalance, which often tends to cause severe mood swings, headaches and depression.

How does the liver detoxify blood
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Nature has the best gifts to ensure your liver stays healthy and strong, and all these essential nutrients can be obtained from 34 amazingly liver-healthy foods that we are going to introduce you to in this article.

Here, take a look:

1. Ginger

Ginger has powerful antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which helps nourish your liver, aid detoxification, enhance circulation, and unclogs arteries that have been blocked. It is has countless health and medicinal benefits, and it can reduces your blood cholesterol levels to a striking 30%. Isn’t that incredible?

2. Eggs

Eggs are one of the richest sources of protein, along with being packed with vital nutrient choline, cholesterol and all of the eight vital amino acids.

You must add eggs to your daily diet in order to provide your liver the essential amino acids that it needs to carry out the detoxification process. Egg yolk is rich in choline, which is basically a coenzyme that is essential for metabolism and shielding your liver against harmful toxins and heavy metals.


  1. Thank you so much for the foods that will help my liver. God bless you for all your foods you taught me. I will keep you up to how i am going to progress. Debbie allaire

  2. I have help c, I just got the diagnosis a couple months ago, I been very tired, low energy, slow to none for days on the bowel movements, I’m already overweight, 222 pounds, 5 foot 7, I’m a hot mess, I barley eat at all and I’m obese. I often thought it was my thyroid, then I found out I had help c, any advice from someone who understands my situation.

    • Milk gristle,dandelion root just a few. Lloyd Wright has a great book called Hep-c Free listing the herbs & how to use them. He also sells high quality products or get your own. Bloodwork is necessary to monitor the viral load.
      Harvoni DRUG has very few side effects with a 90+ percentage cure rate. See a gastroenterologist. There are programs that offer huge discounts. A 12 wk program is usually enough. Do not drink alcohol under any circumstances.

  3. Thank-you for all the information on what can help the liver,need to mention.Milk Thistle up with HEP-C 3months ago already on my way to staring treatment, Doctor not sure which one as of yet. I will be using your information daily.God Bless you********

  4. Thanks for sharing. I have always Coconut Oil, Ginger, Onions and Garlic in my kitchen because I include ( 1 or 2 of these) as part of my cooking at least once everyday. Indeed these help as I do not suffer Ailments which most over 70 years old have.. God bless!!

  5. Thank you so much but does it mean that these foods can prevent you from getting HP B as we’ll in case you eat everyday or in case some one is with HPB but at Avery law rate will it clear the infection?

  6. Wow, great article. I am on many medications and I understand these have an effect on the liver?! I also experience many migraines and am now wondering if my liver may be cause to this? I am going to increase my intake of liver healthy foods and see how the headaches do, thank you 🍎

  7. This is very informative and interesting. Wish I could follow your advice, but am disabled and living in a care home and have to eat what they provide me with. Any suggestions as what I can do to help me.

  8. Dear Mr. Lauren Winsett
    Thank You so much for your writeup.

    I requested You, to write about Diet Plan of Type-2 Diabetic patient & also about Type-2 Diabetic.
    Moinul Abrar
    Chittagong, Bangladesh


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