18. Instead of: Fruit-flavored gummies

Try: Dried fruit or low-sugar fruit leather

Fruit-flavoured gummies contain nothing with preservatives, artificial colours, added sugars and artificial flavours. Instead, treat yourself to real fruits, dried fruits, or low-sugar fruit leather to cut down the calories and carbohydrates, along with the horrid sugar content that will pile up fats around your waistline.

Benefits: Dried fruits and low-sugar fruit leather will fill you up with fat-fighting fiber and vitamins to promote satiety and curb your appetite. However, be sure to keep your portions mindfully small, no more than the size of a golf ball.

19. Instead of: Cheese and crackers

Try: Cheese and apple slices

Benefits: Cheese and crackers are loaded with refined carbs that will convert themselves into sugar within your body. Instead, pick a whole food high-fiber snack with cheese and apple slices for a naturally crunchy and nutrient-rich treat. It will provide you heaps of fiber, and a rich assortment of vitamins.

20. Instead of: Granola bar

Try: Trail mix made with nuts, seeds, unsweetened dried fruit, and/or dark chocolate chips

Granola bars tend to pack up much less nutrients than they actually claim for the mostly consist of puffed rice and oats. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that majority of the granola bar varieties are loaded with added sugars, which multiply the calories.

If you want a tasty and crunchy assortment of essential nutrients to provide long-lasting energy and feelings of satiety, fix your own trail mix at home. It may have more fat as opposed a granola bar, but these fats will the heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that come from nuts and seeds.

Benefits: Create a delicious assortment of nuts, dark chocolate chips, unsweetened dried fruit and seeds for your trail mix. However, be sure to devour no more than a handful at a time, which should be around ¼ cup, to avoid piling up the calories.


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