12. Instead of: Pepperoni pizza on white-flour crust

Pizzas with white flour crusts and loads up pepperoni will pack up your body with empty calories and waist-thickening carbs.

Try: Fix yourself a healthier alternative with a veggie pizza on a cauliflower crust to cut down the carbs that are found in white processed flour. The veggies will give your body a powerful dose of fiber and essential nutrients.

Benefits: Cruciferous vegetables have scientifically proven to have tremendous anti-cancerous and heart-healthy benefits, as they prevent the build-up of plaque to fortify the branches of blood vessels. It’s always best to replace meat toppings with vegetables because meats contain high amounts of saturated fats, and pepperoni is loaded with sodium.

Also, instead of topping your vegetable pizza with mozzarella, toss some parmesan to create a savoury blend.

13. Instead of: Spaghetti with beef meatballs

Beef meatballs and saucy spaghetti sound like a scintillating treat, but this meal is loaded with super-unhealthy saturated fats.

Try: Fix yourself a healthy meal with zucchini noodles, and turkey meatballs. Be sure to use rolled oats as breadcrumbs just to displace some of the meat. Fill up your plate with a rich assortment of colourful veggies for an additional boost of minerals and vitamins.

Benefits: Always pick out a low-sugar tomato sauce to avoid the extra calories. Zucchini spaghetti is a much healthier and satisfying alternative for pastas that are loaded with waist-thickening carbs. You see, fresh vegetables are packed with minerals, vitamins and fat-fighting fiber.

If life without noodles and pasta seems pitifully boring, pick out some whole wheat noodles, and devour them with seeds, black beans, quinoa, almond flour and a colourful assortment of veggies for powerful amounts of fiber and lesser carbs. You can add bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, tuna, tomatoes, broccoli and aromatic herbs.

14. Instead of: Fried chicken

Fried chicken makes a very unhealthy meal that loads up your body with countless carbs and fats, which are damaging to both, your heart and your weight loss regime.

Try: Make a healthier meal with chicken dredged in chickpea or almond flour, which you can toss into the oven for a savoury baked delight.

Benefits: You will cut down the calories and carbs with a magnanimous proportion, along with gaining countless essential nutrients, such as protein and satiating fiber. Baking is always a healthier and tastier alternative to frying, it cuts down the calories, along with preventing the generation of certain compounds, which develop while frying in oil on high temperatures and cause several types of cancers.


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