9. Instead of: Beef burrito on a flour tortilla with sour cream

Try: Fix yourself a hearty bean burrito, and devour it with spicy salsa and a bowl filled with colourful veggies. Beef burrito with flour tortilla and dollops of sour cream will load you up with 350 calories and 58 grams of hard-to-lose processed carbs.

Benefits: Beans and vegetables are a much healthier alternative over beef, for red meat is brimming with saturated fats, which clog up the arteries and increase the risk factors for heart ailments. Vegetables will give your body a powerful dose of vitamins and fat-burning fiber, which also promotes satiety and curbs hunger.

Beans are by far the richest food-based source of fiber, and paired with spicy salsa instead of sour cream, you get to enjoy a savoury taste without the added fat and calories.

10. Instead of: Sushi with spicy mayo

Try: Instead of this fat-loaded treat, fix yourself a healthier meal of sashimi with wasabi, along with a bowl of miso soup. Sashimi is one of the richest sources of lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. When you pair it up with wasabi, you multiply the anti-inflammatory benefits to trim down your waistline, along with clearing up the sinuses.

Benefits: Sushi lathered with a spicy blend of mayonnaise and white rice will give your body nothing with empty 133 calories and 29 grams of fattening carbs for every quarter cup. A rich topping of spicy mayo packs up 99 calories and a staggering 11 grams of fats for every tablespoon.

Accompany this meal with a scintillating bowl of miso soup. Research reveals that beginning a meal with a bowl of rich broth-like soup, it promotes feelings of fullness and satiety to curb appetite, and make you eat less.

11. Instead of: Meatloaf made with ground beef

Try: Prepare your meatloaf with ground turkey, pureed spinach and mushrooms. Turkey has lesser saturated fat than beef, just be sure to pick out 93% lean turkey. Ground beef meatloaf is loaded with saturated fat, which is extremely damaging for the heart.

Benefits: Fill it up with a colourful assortment of fresh vegetables to give it a rich flavour, and add in a rich variety of nutrients, primarily fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. If you’re worried about the taste, pureed baby spinach will just add moisture and richness to the ground turkey meat, and you really won’t have to taste it.


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