3. Instead of: Cheddar omelet with two eggs

Try: Veggie avocado omelet with one egg and three egg whites

Benefits: If you’re trying to watch your cholesterol and reduce your waistline, a heavy cheddar omelette with two eggs is a very unhealthy pick, for cheese alone packs up 115 calories and 5 grams of saturated fat in every ounce.

Fix yourself a healthier and far more appetizing breakfast with avocado vegetable omelette, with three egg whites and one egg. Three egg whites pack up more protein than one whole egg, they contain 10 whopping grams of protein to energize your body and speed up the fat-burning process within your body.

If you want your omelette to be a crunchy and filling delight, add in as many vegetables as you can, such as mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, onions and others that you prefer. Avocado will brim up your body with heaps of monounsaturated fats and high doses of potassium, which is a great remedy to fight away bloating naturally.

4. Instead: Store-bought smoothie

Try: Fix your own smoothie at home with a rich assortment of vegetables, like celery, kale, spinach and tomatoes, with 1 cup of Greek yogurt or almond milk, 1 tbsp. of almond butter, and 1 cup of fresh berries or any other fruit you like. Store-bought smoothies are packed with added sugars, preservatives and extra calories.

Benefits: Fruits and vegetable smoothies will provide fewer calories and sugar, and pack up your body with staggering amounts of fiber to fill you up. Almond butter will provide you heart-healthy fats, which will promote satiation, and allow your body to absorb all the antioxidants derived from vegetables and fruits more easily.

5. Instead: Pre-packaged sweetened oatmeal

Try: Fix your own oatmeal at home by blending ¼ cup of rolled oats with ¼ cup hot coconut milk, 1 tsp. cinnamon, ¼ cup sugar-free whey protein powder, and slices of apple. Picking out packaged and sweetened varieties of oatmeal will not provide you any nutrients as they are loaded with added sugars and artificial flavours.

Benefits: Whey powder and rolled oats will replaced added sugars and waist-thickening carbs with fat-burning protein to fill you up and keep you satiated for longer hours. Coconut milk is a delicious ingredient that contains a rich assortment of healthy fats, such as medium-chain triglycerides, which speed up the metabolism and increase the amount of HDL or good cholesterol.

Apples will brim up your body with Vitamin C and provide a whopping 4 grams of fiber, while cinnamon enhances insulin insensitivity and slows down the stomach clearing process.


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