19. Olive Oil

Olive oil is best to use for cooking food as it is free from cholesterol, trans fat, sugar and salt. This oil only contains monounsaturated fat that is good for body. A study revealed that individuals who used 2 tbsp olive oil every day for 1 week had increased levels of antioxidants and decreased levels of cholesterol in blood. Prevent yourself from heart disease, breast cancer, digestion problems and premature aging by using this oil regularly.

20. Oranges

Oranges contain high quantity of vitamin C that helps in reducing cholesterol, heart failure and high blood pressure. The plant pigments found in oranges can retard or prevent tumor growth. Its soluble fiber assists in controlling cholesterol levels. Potassium content in oranges keeps your blood pressure normal.

21. Apples

Apples are associated with several health benefits as they have quercetin which is strong antioxidant that protects brain cells from any degeneration. This fruit can lower cholesterol level and is effective preventing heart attack.


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