31. Shellfish

You might have not heard about this fish but you would be surprised to know that it is full of nutrients. Examples of shell fish include shrimp, lobster, clams, mollusks, oyster and all of them are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

32. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are rich source of niacin (vitamin) which reduces the hazard of atherosclerosis and heart disease. They also contain selenium that helps in preventing prostate cancer. As per a Japanese study, mushrooms can strengthen immune system because of their high content of glutamic acid.

33. Nuts

There are countless benefits of eating nuts. According to the Harvard research study, females who regularly eat nuts are 20% less likely to get type II diabetes. They also improve lining of arteries, prevent blood clots and reduce LDL cholesterol.


These 33 foods are considered to be super healthy foods for your heart. If you want to avoid heart disease, then you should add them in your daily diet.


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