28. Mediterranean diet

Mealtime is an extremely important social gathering in Mediterranean cultures, and it involves an event where the entire family sits down and eats together. The Mediterranean diet, a popular lifestyle in Italy and Greece, comprises of healthy produce, mainly fish, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, lean protein, and nuts.

All ingredients are fresh and contain powerful amounts of healthy fats to promote the health of the heart. Countless studies have linked the Mediterranean diet with increased lifespans, lesser risk factors of heart ailments, and reduced symptoms of obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and several types of cancers.

Mediterranean Diet for Healthy Long Life
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29. Nordic diet

More commonly referred to as the Scandinavian or Viking diet, it requires you to brim up your daily diet with highly nutritious products of the Nordic cuisine, such as fish, rye bread, oatmeal, root vegetables and cabbage.

Nordic Diet for Healthy Long Life
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A study attempted to examine the benefits experienced by those who adopted the Nordic diet for a period of 12 years. The results revealed a 6% reduction in the risk factors of death.

30. Home cooking

Home Cooking for Healthy Long Life
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Homemade recipe and cooking is always the easiest and safest trick to ensure a long and healthy lifespan. A study attempted to examine the benefits experienced by individuals who cook at home. The results revealed that individuals who cook at home at least five times a week tend to have a 47% higher chance of living for a 10-year period. Moreover, another study revealed that taking public transportation while grocery shopping also cut down the risk factors for dying. So, be sure to head out to buy all your health food and organic produce on a bus.

31. Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza for Healthy Long Life
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You don’t have to deprive yourself of all your indulgences just under the pretext of lengthening your lifespan and enjoying good health. It’s alright to treat yourself to your favourite foods every once in a while.

Research reveals that Sister Cecilia, a women who lived up to the age of 103 and passed away in 2011, was extremely fond of devouring pepperoni pizzas and an occasional meal of steak. As long as you accompany your indulgences with a regular exercise regime to burn off the carbs, there’s nothing wrong with treating your taste buds to whatever you like.


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