24. Leave a Little

Research suggests that if you want to live up to the ripe old age of 100, it’s always better to leave the last bite or a little bit of food on your plate. Leaving a little food on the plate may sound unusual, but it is actually a common practice in several cultures and so-called Blue Zones, which are basically areas all over the globe where people lead healthier and longer lives.

In Japanese culture, people tend to stop eating after satiating their hunger by only 80%. This is a very common practice that has truly worked wonders at lengthening the lifespan in Japan.

Leave a Little for Healthy Long Life
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25. Consume Two Meals in a Day

Walter Breuning is credited to being the oldest man in the world upon his death in 2011 at the age of 114. When asked about the health secret behind his incredibly long lifespan, he stated the consumption of no more than two meals a day because that’s all the body really needs.

Consume Two Meals in a Day for Healthy Long Life
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Health experts and nutritionists widely recommend the consumption of a hearty and large breakfast, and an equally appetizing and satisfying lunch. It is ideal to skip out the consumption of heavy carbs for dinner as if you only consume heaps of fruit and plenty of water, you won’t even feel the need to eat anything loaded with calories. Also, it’s highly advisable to leave the table when you still feel hungry enough to eat more.

26. Eating Less

Eating Less for Healthy Long Life
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Several studies have revealed that animals tend to live much longer if they eat irregularly after every other day. Several dieticians and weight loss programmes have attempted to incorporate this idea with strict diet plans that tend to extremely difficult to follow and often unsafe for individuals suffering with chronic health ailments.

However, many people are willing to experiment with these diet plans just to live longer, and often times, they experience beneficial results. A recent study revealed that individuals who limit their calorie consumption tend to have reduced core temperatures, which is basically an indication that their body is working as efficiently as it possibly can.

27. Japanese diet

Japanese Diet for Healthy Long Life
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Japanese people have been scientifically proven as the people with the world’s longest lifespans, and researchers believe that their traditional Japanese diets promote longer and healthier lives. A traditional Japanese diet consists of vegetables, fish, edamame and tofu along with several other superfoods.

Okinawa is considered a long-life blue zone, and individuals who reside there consume nearly 120 grams of soy as opposed to the average American, who doesn’t consume soy at all. Countless health experts widely recommend the Japanese diet to promote weight loss and lifespan longevity amongst other benefits.


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