19. Corn, Beans, & Pork

The Costa Rican diet has been largely associated with increased chances of a long and healthy life with absolutely no chronic ailments whatsoever. Statistics reveal that most Costa Rican men live up 90 years as age as opposed to American, French, and even Japanese men.

Costa Rican lifestyle revolves around strong ethics, strict work hours, and a very active lifestyle with a great many sportive indulgences. Their diet is not nearly as depriving as one would imagine, in fact, it is brimming with hearty and appetizing delights such as corn, pork, beans, garden vegetables and fresh home-grown fruits.

Corn, Beans & Pork for Healthy Long Life
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20. Red Foods

Health experts and nutritionists widely recommend a decrease in red meat consumption, while plant-based food items are encouraged as a healthy part of any daily diet. Research reveals that excessive red meat consumption is directly associated with a reduced lifespan, while the regularly and excessive consumption of bright and colourful fruits and vegetables packs up your body with heaps of nutrients that promote lifespan longevity.

Red Foods for Healthy Long Life
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Red fruits and vegetables, such as berries, tomatoes, beets and red cabbage, are extremely beneficial at reducing blood pressure levels, fortifying the heart, reducing cholesterol levels, preventing cancers and enhancing the health of the brain.

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21. Bananas

Bananas for Healthy Long Life
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At the ripe old age of 91, Arthur Gilbert happens to the oldest triathlete in the world, and this June, he completed his 41st race. The secret behind is undying strength and fit physique is a strictly balanced and wholesome diet brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables. He has professed a special fondness for bananas, which are loaded with the energy of potassium.

22. Fish

Fish for Healthy Long Life
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Countless researchers have directly associated the consumption of fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna and mackerel, with decreased risk factors of heart ailments and longer lifespans. Health experts believe that their powerful concentration of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids allows them to prevent chronic ailments, along with fighting off hazardous inflammation to prevent damage to our DNA.

A recent study attempted to examine the benefits of fatty fish amongst heart disease patients. The results revealed that men who devoured baked and boiled fish instead of salted, dried or fried fish, cut down their risk factors of death by heart disease by a whopping 23% as opposed to those who didn’t. It’s always important to reduce your intake of sodium, and always bake instead of frying.

23. Organic Produce

Organic Produce for Healthy Long Life
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Most experts argue that organic foods contain the same nutritional value as conventionally grown or farmed varieties. However, there is substantial concrete evidence to rebuke the claim that organic produce actually contains far more minerals, vitamins and nutrients as opposed to their conventionally produced counterparts.

A recent study revealed that these additional nutrients found in organic product promote an extended and healthy lifestyle. Statistics reveal a 25 day lifespan increase amongst men, and a 17 days increase amongst women. Foods that are grown without the harmful use of pesticides tend to boost greater levels of vitamin C and essential antioxidants that ward off ailments and enhance the immune system.


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