9. Grains and seeds

Whole grains, and seeds are a much healthier alternative to refine breads, pizzas and pastas as they are packed with an abundance of fiber, Research reveals that the regular consumption of grains and seeds can cut down your risk factors for dying from any given cause by a whopping 22%.

Health experts and nutritionists wide recommend the daily consumption of fiber in order to shield the body against chronic ailments, such as cancers, diabetes, obesity and heart ailments by cutting down blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Grains and Seeds for Healthy Long Life
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10. Small Amounts of Alcohol

Several researchers have highlighted the claim that consuming moderate amounts of alcohol is actually beneficial for the heart, and moderate drinkers tend to have a longer lifespan as opposed to non-drinkers or excessive drinkers. However, the moderate amount should be no more than one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men.

A recent study revealed that men who drink moderately tend to cut down their death risk of dying for the next two decades after surviving a heart attack.

Alcohol for Healthy Long Life

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11. No Alcohol

Abstinence from alcohol is widely recommended as the most effective habit to boost longevity and promote sound health. Tomoji Tanabe, the oldest man in the world who died in 2007 at the age of 113, credited his lifelong abstinence from booze as the biggest reason behind is long life. If you pair this healthy habit with nutrient-rich foods such as, shrimp, miso, tofu and milk, you can enjoy even greater longevity and health benefits.

No Alcohol for Healthy Long Life
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12. A Bit of Whisky

Nutritionists and health experts believe that a little bit of whisky can actually help promote feelings of youthfulness and satisfaction. If you consume whisky in mindful moderation without increasing your consumption from the recommended dosage, it may do well instead of harm. However, you must accompany it with a wholesome diet regime and regular exercising.

A Bit of Whisky for Healthy Long Life
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13. Pureh Tea

Pureh tea, a very rich and nutritious tea variety, is brimming with an abundance of antioxidants, far more than the amount found in green tea. A fortified and strong immune system is an essential organ that ensures lifespan longevity, and antioxidants strengthen its disease-fighting abilities against chronic ailments and infections. Enjoy a hot cup of pureh tea with lemon and honey for countless health benefits.

Pureh Tea for Healthy Long Life
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