Some factors that determine our lifespan are completely beyond our control, however, factors like our diet and lifestyle, can always be altered and modified to promote a long, healthy life.

There is an abundance of research collection from elderly individuals in their 90s and above, which reveals that healthy lifestyle choices, wholesome diets and nutrient-rich superfoods can work wonders at lengthening our lifespan and giving us a sound, and strong immune system.

We’ve picked out 31 incredibly amazing superfood secrets to help you lengthen your lifespan and brim up your body with countless disease-fighting nutrients.

Here, take a look:

1. Broccoli, grapes, and salad

Broccoli, Grapes and Salad for Healthy Long Life
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There is an extensive body of research to substantiate the claim that a daily diet that is brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables tends to pack up the body with sufficient levels of essential nutrients and lesser calories to promote a longer, and healthier lifespan.

Broccoli, grapes and salads made with a rich assortment of colourful fruits and vegetables are brimming with all the naturally-occurring compounds and nutrients that are required to extend the lifespan and influence good health.

2. Berries

Berries for Healthy Long Life
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Dark, tarty and succulent berries are packed with powerful assortments of antioxidants, which fight off life-threatening chronic ailments and enhance the immune system to promote longevity. Regular consumption of berries also encourages a graceful and healthy aging process.

A recent study revealed that those who consume at least on serving of blueberries and two servings of strawberries a week tend to cut down their risk of cognitive decline during elderly years.

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3. Garlic

Garlic for Healthy Long Life
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For centuries, garlic has been celebrated for its potently powerful health benefits, alongside promoting a longer lifespan and fighting off chronic ailments. Several studies have revealed that garlic is one of the richest sources of protective phytochemicals, which are capable of preventing and eliminating the growth of certain carcinogenic chemicals within the body.

Moreover, researchers have highlighted the claim that women who consume more garlic tend to have reduced risk factors of certain colon cancers.


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