There is no girl on this planet who does not know about nail art, but knowing what nail art is does not mean that they know how to get it done right. Nothing beats the flair of nail art when it comes to enhancing your beauty. For girls who would love to know how nail colors and a few simple beauty tools can work together to give them the nails of their dreams, have come to the right place!

Welcome to the Nail Art heaven. We will be teaching you how to artistically paint your nails into complimenting not only your dresses but your personalities. If you do it right, which we are sure you will in no time be able to, you can do a lot more than just look pretty. You can learn the language of nail art that is widely understood but rarely practiced. As the saying where there is a will there is a way, things are different at our end of the World (Oh.. yes! We do mean the World Wide Web here!). We strongly believe that where there is an urge, a desire, a want or the need for great nail art, there is us! There is no way in the world of nail art that will not lead you to us.

From simplistic to spectacular cute nail art designs, you shall witness them all in the making on this platform. If looking beautiful has always been your new year’s resolution, and if you have never wanted to feel nothing below gorgeous, our platform and YOU are meant for each other! Our Nail Art tutorials, well illustrated and detailed instructions will guide you in and out of the world of nail art. This all there is to know about us, let us teach you how to glamorously do your nails. There are 5 simple rules to get started, and .. well scroll down!

Rule One: Start FRESH

If there is any nail polish that you have previously applied on your nails, get your hands on some thinner and wipe your nails clean of it. It is very important to have clean nails as you start on your mission, a mix and match of old nail color, with new does not result in a very pleasant nail art.

Rule Two: Don’t be afraid; wipe your way to perfection!

Trim your nails into shape, nails that are not in the right shape don’t make very impressive art displays. And never be afraid to make mistakes, if you think the coat isn’t perfect, there is plenty of nail color where that came from … wipe it off! Don’t even think twice and do it over, practice is what leads to perfection.

Rule Three: Go step by step!

Attempt at beginner designs first, going for something very complex in the first go would be nothing but sheer stupidity. You must understand that at this level the very detailed and artistic designs will be best left to the experts, which one day you can be too, with the right amount of passion and effort. There is no harm though, for now to experiment and play around, get to explore the world of nail a little before you are the unchallenged Queen. Give jewels, glitter, marbling, duo-tones and or stamping to create desired effects. There is no harm in playing around with colors and all that sparkling glitter and jewels.

Rule Four: Glittered to Perfection

For adding the glamour and sparkle that glitter comes with to your matte colored nail polishes you will need to mix some loose glitter with the nail color or the gel. This glitter would do well with clear nail polish too and sometimes the most beautiful glitter comes in the shape of small hearts and stars and various other shapes. You will be lucky if you get your hands on those, they are like small confetti and work miraculously in the world of Nail Art. If all that sparkle is not enough for you and you still want some more, sprinkle some glitter on your nails before the nail color dries and blow the extra glitter off. Glitter always blows off as fairy dust and blowing it off is going to be the most fun part, apart from the satisfaction of nails beautifully done!

Rule Five: Learn, Learn and learn some more

If you are passionate about nail art and will go at any length to do your nails like a pro, because you are just too sick of paying through your nose for a good nail art you will need to learn, learn and learn some more! Reading books is a proven source of knowledge and what better than reading a book on nail art. You may easily be able to get your hands on just the perfect book on your favorite topic. This book may just be lying in one of the shelves of your local library, waiting for you or even in a nearing bookstore, there is always the option to buy an e-book to guide you through and of course we are always here!

Taking a class at one of your local nail salons might prove to come in handy too. And it will be with-in a few hours that you will spend with a pro and observe her ways, that your passion and understanding of nail art designs with nail polish, combined with a great aesthetic sense will kick in. And with the help of a teacher you can more effectively improve and polish your skills than years of doing it on your own, but wait … to save you the money and the time to get to that salon, here we are! We will be just the professionals that you are looking for, new designs and how and why you should do something and not do something to your nails is what we will soon be telling you in our upcoming posts. Our honest reviews of various nail care and art products, techniques, tricks and tips will help you become the expert. That unchallenged queen of the world of Nail Art!


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