The natural traits and characteristics of every person differs from each other. Some people have fair complexion, others are tame. Just like complexion other characteristics of personnel also differs from each other. These include hair color, height, hair length, eye shape etc. Hair color of people can be inherited but can also be effected due to weather conditions, shampoo quality, oil, conditioner, health issues etc. the effect of weather and climate on hair is worst. Many people complain that there is a negative effect of summers on person’s hair. In summer, the skin of head becomes itchy and sweaty which can have a direct impact on discoloration and hair breakage. Majorly, females face hair issues and are becoming the victim of brunette hair. Females don’t like brunette hair and try different solutions for lightening them. Instead of using different chemical products and materials, it is beneficial to focus on the natural remedies and solutions for lightening the brunette hair. Some females focus on hair dye or bleach for getting lightened hair which is not a good or correct option.

Here are some natural products which can be used by individuals for lightening the hair color. These are:

3 Natural Hacks to Lighten Brunette Hair

1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is considered to be one of the useful products for lightening the dark hair color. It is readily available in the market at cheap prices. There are some directions for using this tea for lightening the hair. First of all you have to take a bowl, full of hot water, then you need to take chamomile tea bags or 2 tablespoon of it and then dip it into the hot water. Now you have to keep it aside for ten to fifteen minutes so that the mixture can be ready. You have to use this mixture on hair in cooled form. You can apply the mixture on hair with the help of finger tips. Different strands of hair should be focused so that general lightened coloration of hair can be attained. There is another benefit attached with the chamomile tea i.e. it can be used as an anti-dandruff agent.

2. Lemons

Lemon is considered to be highly useful element for health as well as for beauty. It is used for lightening the hair color as well. If you are interested in lightening the brunette hair then you have to focus on following easy steps:

  • Take a lemon and cut it from the mid
  • Take half piece of lemon and paint the hair strands with them
  • Let the lemon juice get dried in the sunlight for few hours and then wash with Luke warm water.

After few hours, the hair strands will get lightened and you will get a new look. It is important to keep in mind that after washing the hair, it is important to put oil on them so that no damage can occur. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or any other hair oil for making them smooth.

3. Using Cinnamon

It is strange to know that cinnamon can be used for lightening the hair. There are unlimited number of benefits related with cinnamon and hair lightening via cinnamon is not very common one. If you want to lighten the brunette hair then you need to make a cinnamon paste by mixing powdered cinnamon with water. Thick paste should be made and then applied on the hair for getting results. You need to keep the paste on hairs for a night or about eight hours to get the results.

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These are simple and best ways for lightening the brunette hair and getting an attracted look. These are cheap, easy as well as result oriented.


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