12. Hot Green Smoothie

Invigorate yourself with this incredible feast of immunity-boosting antioxidants, which come from a cup of green tea, kale, apples and dates.

This is a great recipe to serve as a natural remedy for reducing blood pressure levels. It is perfect for winter nights when you need a warm and creamy beverage that is sweet and comforting against the cold wind. It packs up only 250 calories, and if you want to reduce the calories, you can always cut down the dates as they pack up 66 calories each.

Hot Green Smoothie Recipe

13. Pineapple Passion

Here’s a healthy alternative for your ice-cream cravings, this tropical treat is creamy, decadent, and brimming with a whopping 13 grams of protein. It also packs up 2 grams of fiber, 53.5 grams of carbs and only 48 gram sugars.

Pineapple Passion Recipe


  • 1 cup pineapple chunks
  • 1 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt
  • 6 ice cubes (crushed)


Toss in the ice cubs, yogurt and pineapple chunks into the blender, and continue blending until the contents are smooth and frosty. If the ice and pineapple isn’t smooth, blend for another 20 seconds or more.

14. Caramel Apple Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie

Here’s the perfect gluten-free and vegan treat to power your mornings this fall, and its nutrient goodness will keep you satiated through the day. It packs up a natural caramel taste with dates without adding any caramel or artificial flavors so you can enjoy a guilt-free punch of fiber, minerals and antioxidants.

It also contains rolled oats, which will brim up your body with fiber and protein, while the apples and cinnamon makes it naturally sweet. It also packs up chia seeds, a powerhouse of protein. This delicious concoction can also be stored up overnight in the refrigerator.

Caramel Apple Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie

15. Pear-Spinach Smoothie

Pear and spinach pack up all the essential immunity-boosting nutrients to make sure you can escape the seasonal allergies and flu during the fall and winter season. This deliciously creamy smoothie packed with spinach and pear packs up more than 25% of your required daily dosage for vitamin C.

Moreover, it is brimming with probiotic-packed yogurt, which will serve to fortify your intestinal health with its healthy bacteria. It also contains ginger, which is potent with anti-inflammatory compounds that fight off the symptoms of flu and cold. This healthy and energizing pick-me-up is the best energy booster to have at breakfast to great the day with a surge of positivity.

Pear Spinach Smoothie Recipe
Credit Image: DAVID MALOSH


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