18. Goji

Goji berries have been popular for hundreds of centuries and to this day and age, Chinese herbalist and medicinal practitioners regard its energizing powers as the best trick to boost the body’s energy levels, and trigger an improvement in the release of hormones. The Chinese have always referred to goji has the ‘Viagra of China’.

Research also validates the fact that goji berries and extracts play a pivotal role in enhancing blood flow, which allows the human body and all its tissues and cells to get thoroughly oxygenated, which also sends the oxygen towards the pleasureual organs. This ultimately leads to an increase in libido and enhanced pleasureual performance.

19. Damiana Leaf

The Damiana leaf is a widely research tonic that stimulates the nervous system, and helps clear away all stress, anxieties, fear and inhibitions from your mind. It allows the body to become relaxed and stress-free, thus making it possible for you to become pleasureually aroused.

20. Yohimbe Bark Extract

An exotic and nutrient-dense tree bark that is found in the forests of Africa, the Yohimbe bark extracts hold natural powers to improve the blood flow towards the genitals. However, individuals suffering from a kidney ailment or heart disease must avoid this herb.

Moreover, it also has a tendency to interfere with the effects of antidepressants and cause negative symptoms. And its overdose can also lead to high blood pressure levels, worsened hypertension symptoms amongst existing patients, and extreme nervousness amongst healthy individuals.


  1. there are too many herbs and vitamins and foods mentioned here that can really help you with your sexual endurance , why not try some , like oysters. I’m sure that we can do a much better ” job” next time .


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