15. Vitamin A

Research reveals that Vitamin A plays a pivotal role in brimming the body with essential antioxidative compounds that not only boost sperm quality, but also bring about a marked increased in a man’s libido.

A recent study attempted to examine the effects of certain vegetables and fruits on a man’s fertility, libido and sperm quality. The results revealed that carrots, which are packed with vitamin A, are the best vegetable to increase a man’s sperm quality and motility rate.

Motility basically refers to the ability and duration of the sperm to form connection with an egg. The statistics revealed that the sample of men who devoured a large quantity of carrots improved their sperm quality and performance by a striking 6.5-8%.

Experts believe that the recommended daily dosage of vitamin A and its supplements must not exceed 900 μg.

16. Vitamin E

Research reveals that this essential vitamin is vital for boosting testosterone levels, and increasing pleasureual libido. It does so by bringing about a marked improvement in the blood circulation throughout the body. You can easily obtain vitamin E with nutrient dense foods such as fish, spinach, avocados and almonds. Or you can obtain it from a fine quality and well-researched vitamin E supplement. Keep in mind that the required daily dosage for effective results is at least 15mg every day.

17. D-Aspartic Acid

Amino acids are highly essential if your body is experiencing a lack of pleasureual activity or stimulation, and D-Aspartic acid is the most potent of all amino acids as far as improving the libido is concerned. You can obtain this pleasureually enhancing herb from several powdered forms of protein and fish.

Research reveals that D-aspartic acid brings about a temporary increase in low testosterone levels, hence eliminating all symptoms that reduce the libido and cause limp erections. Furthermore, it also brings about an improvement in the sperm quality of impotent and infertile men.


  1. there are too many herbs and vitamins and foods mentioned here that can really help you with your sexual endurance , why not try some , like oysters. I’m sure that we can do a much better ” job” next time .


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