12. Selenium

Selenium is a powerful trace mineral that is capable of working wonders on the health of your hormones, and you can obtain it from oysters, Brazilian nuts, and liver. You need very little quantity to bring about a marked improvement in your sperm quality, however, if your body is suffering from a selenium deficiency, it can cause grave side-effects on your ability to reproduce.

A recent study revealed that men with lower testosterone levels and infertility also revealed to have lower levels of selenium in their body as opposed to the men in the fertile group. However, once they were given selenium supplements, the mineral brought about a marked improvement of a striking 56% in their ability to conceive successfully.

Another study examined the effects of selenium supplementation and selenium deficiencies amongst a sample of 69 infertile men. The results revealed that selenium supplements can really help improve a testosterone deficiency, and improve sperm motility that tends to get effected when the testosterone levels deplete. The required daily dosage of a selenium supplement is no more than 75 µg.

13. Quercetin

Quercetin is a natural plant-based compound that prevents a certain enzyme that is capable of making the body excrete testosterone levels from the kidneys. Therefore, quercetin is capable of increasing the levels of testosterone present within the blood circulating throughout the body. It is highly essential if you wish to experience improved appetite and performance, because the greater your testosterone levels the higher your libido is likely to be. You can obtain this essential nutrient through cherries, and countless supplements.

14. Catuaba

A powerful Amazonian plant that is grown on a native tree found only in Brazil. For centuries, the Amazonian tribes have regarded catuaba as a natural aphrodisiac that is an excellent remedy to enhance the libido, and bring an end to all symptoms of nervousness, exhaustion and impotence. In modern age and time, it continues to remain a popular mojo killer used by herbalists all over the world.

Research reveals that catuaba contains several plant-based active compounds, such as catuabine A and B, which have been scientifically proven to stimulate the pleasure centers present within the human brain. This explains why most individuals experience erotic dreams and pleasureual fantasies during their sleep after consuming catuaba.


  1. there are too many herbs and vitamins and foods mentioned here that can really help you with your sexual endurance , why not try some , like oysters. I’m sure that we can do a much better ” job” next time .


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