9. Magnesium

An essential mineral that is crucial for the development and strength of our muscles. You see, regardless of their age and levels of physical activities, men essentially require strong muscles in order to experience healthy reproductive and pleasureual functioning.

A recent study compared the testosterone levels of non-active men with athletic men, and the results revealed that devouring 22mg magnesium supplements for every pound of body weight for a period of 4 weeks brought about a marked increase in the testosterone levels of both groups.

Several other studies researched the effects of magnesium supplements on men above the age of 65 and men between the ages of 18-30. The results revealed a wondrous increase in their muscle strength, along with a marked improvement in their testosterone levels. It is highly recommended to take a daily dosage of 400mg magnesium for effective results.

10. Folic Acid

Folic acid, more commonly referred to as folate, is a key nutrient essential for curing pleasureual abnormalities and dysfunctions. Research reveals that a folate deficiency can lead to the development of sperms with chromosomal abnormalities. While a recent study that examined the cases of subfertile men revealed that those who supplemented their daily diets with zinc and folic acid experienced a striking 75% increase in their sperm count. Experts recommend a daily folic acid dosage of 400 µg for beneficial results.

11. L-Citrulline

A powerful amino acid that allows the blood vessel to relax, and its effects are much similar to those caused by Viagra. Research reveals that once you consume L-citrulline, it naturally converts itself into another incredibly potent amino acid, known as arginine, which has been medically proven to bring about a marked improvement in blood circulation by causing the blood vessels to widen.

You can naturally obtain L-citrulline by devouring large quantities of water melon, however it is best to steer clear from its supplements because medical experts have not yet been able to set a safe standard dosage for all to consume.


  1. there are too many herbs and vitamins and foods mentioned here that can really help you with your sexual endurance , why not try some , like oysters. I’m sure that we can do a much better ” job” next time .


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