6. Horny Goat Weed

This traditional Chinese herb formula can be easily obtained from all your local organic, herb and convenience stores, and despite its scam-like sound, it has been scientifically proven as an effective herb. For hundreds of years, it has been used as a traditional remedy to improve low libido and cure erectile dysfunctions.

A study attempted to examine the potential efficacy of this herb, and the results of the supplementation experiments, although conducted on rats, revealed a marked improvement in erectile functioning. A recent study also revealed that a horny goat weed supplement works to prevent the effects of a natural chemical that tends to cause limp and weak erections.

However, you must keep in mind that Viagra is nearly 80 times potent that this herb.

7. Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is a potent and powerful essential oil, twice as beneficial as both, coconut and olive oils. Research reveals that middle-aged men who consume flaxseed oil on a daily basis are highly likely to experience a marked reduction in their blood sugar levels. Hypertension and high blood sugar pressure levels are a natural cause of erectile dysfunction, which can cause severe damage to our blood pressure, along with damaging our arteries.

8. Zinc

Do you know why the legendary flirt Casanova was so vigil and pleasureually active? Well, he had a religious habit of devouring at least two dozen oysters every single day. Naturally, since oysters are brimming with the highest quantity of zinc, they made his libido shoot up every night and hence garnered him his awe-inspiring reputation.

In modern science, zinc continues to be regarded as the best nutrient that is capable of increasing both, appetite and libido, while those who have low levels of zinc are natural to suffer from lower pleasureual drives and abilities to perform pleasureually.

You see, zinc is a highly essential needed by the body to perform a wide range of responsibilities, particularly and most importantly, the production of testosterone. A recent study examined the effects of zinc supplements amongst men who had severe zinc deficiencies. The results revealed that men who took zinc supplements over a period of six months doubled their production of testosterone levels.

Another recent medical research conducted an 8-week long study that examined the role played by zinc supplements taken by football players every night. The results revealed a marked increase in their testosterone levels. Experts believe that the recommended daily dosage of zinc or its supplements must not exceed 11mg.


  1. there are too many herbs and vitamins and foods mentioned here that can really help you with your sexual endurance , why not try some , like oysters. I’m sure that we can do a much better ” job” next time .


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