Hunger tends to strike at all sorts of unusual hours, and if you can control all the snacks that you take in between your meals, you can lose weight rapidly and keep it off. You see, if your snack choices are brimming with metabolism-boosting and fat-burning nutrient, they will do more good than harm to your weight loss regime.

Snacking & Weight Loss

We all adore our snacks just as much as adore flaunting a slim and healthy figure. However, most snack meals and foods tend to pile up loads of empty calories and few very nutrients in our daily diets. However, if we alter our unhealthy snacking habits and do justice to our snacks by brimming them up with countless nutrients, our body will enjoy an influx of energizing and fat burning nutrients. The right snack will help you achieve both, greater energy levels and weight loss benefits.

What type of Snacks Promote Fat-Burning?

The trick is to pick out snacks that contain the perfect combination of nutrients and calories in order to energize your body and trigger the fat-burning process. A regular exercise regime accompanied with a generous consumption of protein is just what you need to encourage the development of lean muscle mass, which will boost the calorie-burning process within your body, and speed up your metabolism.

Similarly, fiber is an essential fat-burning nutrient that also aids with digestion, and ensures you don’t consume too many fats and sugars. It is essential to understand that nature does not offer any food that will literally burn away all your fat while you devour it. However, healthy and mindful diets with nutritious superfoods will enhance your energy levels, boost fat-burning and hunger suppressing hormones, and help you perform at your maximum efficiency.

We’ve compiled a list of 22 delicious and satisfying snacks that pack up no more than 200 calories, and brim you up with powerful doses of protein and fiber.

Here, take a look:

1. An apple and skim milk

All fruits make excellent picks for healthy and nutritious snacks, and if you add a rich dose of protein to your plate, it will make your snack much more satiating and satisfying. Unlike carbohydrates which the body utilizes very speedily, proteins help build up energy levels, keeping you active and curbing your appetite for longer hours.

An apple is your best pick to brim up on fat-burning fibers and accompanied with a tall glass of fat-free or skim milk, this combination will provide you 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber with just 200 calories.

2. Power Berry Smoothie

Loaded with fat-free plain yogurt and soy protein powder, this deliciously indulgent smoothie recipe is packed with an astounding 9 grams of protein. If you chose to use Greek yogurt, you can multiply and increase the protein content even more. Honey acts as a natural sweetener and fat-burning superfood, while a mixed assortment of frozen berries will brim up your body with four grams of fiber.

At the cost of 139 calories, it is a great trick to satiate your appetite, and brim your body with energy of protein and antioxidants. You’ll need water, Greek yogurt, unsweetened soy protein powder, honey, and frozen berries like, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.


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