11. Peanut Butter & Celery

Try this inventive and flavorful new snack and you’ll forget the taste of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The idea is to cut a few thin sticks of celery, and lather then peanut butter as per your tastes. It’s a low-calorie and crunchy snack that doesn’t pack up many carbs and will satisfy your craving for dessert.

Peanut Butter & Celery for Weight Loss
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12. Grapes

Grapes are the healthiest snack that pack up a punch full of flavor and keep you satiated for a few hours. You can keep them in a bag or lunch box for a healthy snack on the go, experts strongly recommend everyone to consume at least a half-cup serving of grapes to satisfy their sugar cravings after lunch.

Grapes for Weight Loss
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13. Pepperoni Fries

A crispy and scrumptious snack that you can prepare in no time. Pepperoni chips can be created by placing pepperonis onto paper towels and heating them in the microwave for no more than 60 seconds, until you get that perfect crisp.

However, be sure to pick out a brand that is low in sodium and cholesterol, and mind your portions to avoid piling up too many calories.

Pepperoni Fries for Weight Loss
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14. Sliced Cucumber

If you’re looking for the healthiest snack that is refreshing and light, look no further than freshly sliced cucumber. It has a lovely crunch and flavorful punch, and you can pair it up with homemade sauces, ranch dressings, hummus and other healthy dips.

Cucumber for Weight Loss
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